A Faith that Reveals the Trinity

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We believe the order of salvation is “God’s Actions – Our Response”

I John said it this way: “We love, because God first loved us.”

The One God has acted in our scriptures, traditions, and experience

as the Triune Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Our grace-enabled response can reveal the Trinity of God!


God’s action is all grace, which we believe has three characteristics.


            1) prevenient/preventing or convicting grace – becoming aware of our need for God

            2) justifying grace – having a right relationship with God

            3) sanctifying grace – going on to perfection in God’s love


The three rules of Methodism go along with these characteristics


            1) do no harm

            2) do good

            3) stay in love with God


There are three commitments which arise out of these rules


            1) depend on God

            2) conform to Christ

            3) have confidence in the Holy Spirit


The 44 Standard Sermons of the Methodist Connection can be divided into 3 sections


            1-15 Prevenient grace

            16-28 Justifying grace (all based on the Sermon on the Mount)

            29-44 Sanctifying grace


The “Cautions and Directions for the Greatest Professors of Methodism” are concerned with these three forms of grace,

and our failure to respond in holiness of heart and life


            1) pride (heart) and enthusiasm (life) are sins against prevenient grace

2) antinomianism (heart) and sins of omission (life) are sins against justifying grace

3) desiring anything but God (heart) and schism (life) are sins against sanctifying grace


From Sermon 9: The Spirit of Bondage and of Adoption

In this sermon, John Wesley compared and contrasted three states of persons before God:

the “natural” person, the person under the law, and the person under grace.


Natural Person

Person under the Law

Person under Grace

Neither fears nor loves God

Fears God

Loves God

Walks blindly in darkness

Walks by the light of hell

Walks in the light of heaven

Has a false peace

Has no peace

Has the peace of God

Sins willingly

Sins unwillingly

Sins not before God

Neither fights nor conquers sins

Fights sin but cannot conquer it

More than conqueror of sin through Jesus