Lent and Easter 2018

Description: Description: Good Friday



Ash Wednesday, February 14, 7 AM and 8 AM

Service of Ashes


Palm Sunday, March 25

Egg Hunt and Dinner after morning worship


Maundy Thursday Worship, March 29, 7 PM

A new service: Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley


Good Friday Worship, March 30

The church will be open for persons to walk the Stations of the Cross


Easter, April 1

Celebration of the Victory of Jesus over sin and death!



These resources can help you make an observant season of Lent, leading to a joyous celebration of Easter!


Going Further with Spiritual Disciplines

(prepared by the Methodist Church [Great Britain])

Going Further with Spiritual Practices           Group leader's guide              Introducing Spiritual Practices

Session 1         Session 2         Session 3         Session 4         Session 5         Session 6         ESP Session 7


Three Simple Rules  Our classes and small groups studied this book by Bishop Reuben Job during Lent 2012.

Dr. Nick has prepared this guide to go with the book.


Lenten Guide  A resource to use with a Sunday school class or covenant group


Jesus Through The Centuries  Jesus has been understood and interpreted in several different ways over the centuries.

This is a brief overview of 17 of the main themes.


Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian   A short guide to the historic spiritual disciplines practiced in the Church


A Retreat with John Wesley  A time of prayer and reflection prepared by Dr. Campbell


CSI -- Christian Soul Investigation  8 sessions for a small group spiritual examination experience


Lenten Pretzels          Making Pretzels

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Christ is Risen -- Now What?  4-week study for life after Easter


Easter Story Cookies


Resurrection story told through a labyrinth