Sermons Delivered

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These are the sermons that have been delivered by Dr. Nick at Nelson Memorial UMC.

Multiple sermons on the same scripture indicate multiple years or locations (such as the prison).

They are posted on Monday after the Sunday, so check back each week!


Recent Sermons


John 2.13 Three Day Temple

March 4, 2018




John 3.14 Through Him

March 11, 2018



John 12.20 Troubled Testimony

March 18, 2018



Mark 11.1 Turning Out

March 25, 2018


John 20.1 I Have Seen the Lord While Weeping

April 1, 2018




John 20.19 I Have Seen the Lord While Afraid

April 8, 2018



Luke 24.36 I Have Seen the Lord While Disbelieving

April 15, 2018






Gospel according to Matthew

Gospel according to Mark

Gospel according to Luke

Gospel according to John



Matthew 1.18 Follow Your Dream

Matthew 1.18 Waking Actively

Mark 1.1 Repentance for Forgiveness

Mark 1.1 Expecting Christ

Mark 1.1 Preparing Others

Mark 1.4 Turn, Turn, Turn

Mark 1.4 Order of Magnitude

Mark 1.9 Give It Up

Mark 1.9 Defining the Problem

Mark 1.14 Don't Be A Jonah

Mark 1.14 Fish or Cut Bait

Mark 1.14 On the Clock

Mark 1.21 Beyond Demonic Faith

Mark 1.21 Explaining to an 8 Year Old

Mark 1.21 Outer Identity

Mark 1.29 Looking for Jesus

Mark 1.29 Keeping the Demons Quiet

Mark 1.29 Offers to Stay

Mark 1.40 Be A Leper

Luke 1.26 Say Yes

Luke 1.26 Receiving Christ

Luke 1.26 Greetings, Favored One!

Luke 1.39 A Town in the Hill Country

Luke 1.39 A Change in Perspective

John 1.1 Among Us

John 1.1 Witnessing Actively

John 1.6 A Stump in the River

John 1.6 Expecting Christ

John 1.6 You Remind Me of a Man

John 1.29 Time to Fess Up

John 1.29 Moving Witness

John 1.43 Under the Fig Tree

John 1.43 Do You Believe

John 1.43 Overcoming Bias



Matthew 2.1 Paying Homage

Matthew 2.1 It Does Not End There

Matthew 2.1 Check It Out

Matthew 2.1 Bring Me Word

Matthew 2.1 Where is Christ Born

Matthew 2.1 Secretly Called

Matthew 2.13 Mighty Acts for Mighty Sins

Matthew 2.13 Moving Target


Luke 2.1 To Us

Luke 2.1 What Does Christmas Sound Like

Luke 2.1 A New Decree

Luke 2.1 Ending or Beginning

Luke 2.1 Joined by a Multitude

Luke 2.1 A Change in the News

Luke 2.1 Confirming Actively

Luke 2.22 Christ is Recognized

Luke 2.22 Extended Families

Luke 2.41 Leaving Jesus Behind

Luke 2.41 Changing the Questions

John 2.1 A Time to Raise Your Glass

John 2.13 Give It a Rest

John 2.13 Subtract Two

John 2.13 Three Day Temple



Matthew 3.1 Here I Come to Pave the Way

Matthew 3.1 Preparing Actively

Matthew 3.13 When Righteousness is Fulfilled

Matthew 3.13 Moving Moment


Luke 3.1 Specifically

Luke 3.1 A Call to Change

Luke 3.7 Umphant

Luke 3.7 Signs of Change

Luke 3.15 Unquenchable Fire

Luke 3.15 Cleansing Water, Refining Fire

John 3.1 In Order

John 3.1 Which Way the Wind Blows

John 3.1 How Is It Possible

John 3.1 Don't Worry, Don't Doubt

John 3.14 Given to Us

John 3.14 Subtract Three

John 3.14 Through Him




Matthew 4.1 Testing One Two Three

Matthew 4.1 Don't Test, Don't Stray

Matthew 4.12 When Things are Darkest

Matthew 4.12 Moving Invitation

Mark 4.26 Is As If

Mark 4.26 Let Me Tell You A Story

Mark 4.35 Tired but Not Scared

Luke 4.1 Focus on the Mission

Luke 4.1 Whose Will Is It Anyway

Luke 4.14 Fixed on Jesus

Luke 4.14 When It All Works Together

Luke 4.21 For Others

Luke 4.21 Throwing Jesus Over

John 4.5 Water and Food Unseen

John 4.5 Don't Hate, Don't Hunger



Matthew 5.1 Blessed

Matthew 5.1 On the Mount: Blessings

Matthew 5.13 Exceed the Righteousness

Matthew 5.13 On the Mount: Character

Matthew 5.21 Magnify the Lord

Matthew 5.21 On the Mount: Holiness

Matthew 5.38 Be Perfect

Matthew 5.38 On the Mount: Love

Mark 5.21 When The Inevitable Is Not

Mark 5.21 Not Either Or





Matthew 6.1 How to Be a Christian

Mark 6.1 Amazing Unbelief

Mark 6.14 Say My Name

Mark 6.14 The Guilt Remains

Mark 6.30 Do Not Spit in Your Cup

Mark 6.30 What the Crowd Follows


John 6.1 Not a Good Idea

John 6.1 Beyond My Power

John 6.24 Gives Life to the World

John 6.24 What God Requires of Us

John 6.25 Fit or Factor

John 6.35 Duck Church

John 6.41 Grumbling Stumbling

John 6.51 All Consuming Love

John 6.51 The Sacrificial Sacrament

John 6.56 Come Join the Winning Side

John 6.56 Waiting for the Pay Off




Mark 7.1 Faraway Hearts

Mark 7.1 This Dotted Line

Mark 7.24 A Moment on the Lips

Mark 7.24 Holy Postures Open Up

Luke 7.1 Under Over

Luke 7.36 Noise and News

Luke 7.36 Tell Me the Story of Your Forgiveness

John 7.37 The Greatest Festival Day




Mark 8.27 Life Support

Mark 8.27 Holy Postures Risk All

Mark 8.31 Give in Return

Mark 8.31 Subtract One

Mark 8.31 Tried and True

Luke 8.26 Don't Do the Dance

Luke 8.26 Tell Me the Story of Your Life Change




Matthew 9.35 The Fathers Authority

Mark 9.2 It Is Good To Be Here

Mark 9.2 A Glimpse into Glory

Mark 9.2 One Over

Mark 9.30 In the Arms

Mark 9.30 Holy Postures Embrace Low

Mark 9.38 Missing Hands and Feet

Mark 9.38 Holy Postures Working Together

Luke 9.28 Hypnagogialleluia

Luke 9.28 We Are Overcome

Luke 9.51 But First Allow Me This

Luke 9.51 Tell Me the Story of Your Journey

John 9.1 I Once Was Blind

John 9.1 Don't Judge, Don't Deny



Matthew 10.24 The Challenge

Matthew 10.24 What We Hear Whispered

Mark 10.2 Eyes Wide Open

Mark 10. 2 The Law - Purpose

Mark 10.17 On Your Knees

Mark 10.17 The Law - What It Gets You

Mark 10.35 Right and Left Hands

Mark 10.35 The Law - of Greatness

Mark 10.46 With a Loud Voice

Mark 10.46 The Law - of Mercy

Luke 10.1 Like Lambs Among the Wolves

Luke 10.1 Too Much Stuff Too Little Faith

Luke 10.25 You Are Kidding, Right?

Luke 10.25 Too Much Rule Too Little Care

Luke 10.38 Sending and Going

Luke 10.38 Too Much Fuss Too Little Time

John 10.1 Listening to our Shepherd

John 10.1 Go! Pastures

John 10.11 Now I Lay Me

John 10.11 Jesus the Good Shepherd

John 10.22 Listen to the Works

John 10.22 When Plain Is Not Plain


Matthew 11.2 Over the River and through the Woods

Matthew 11.2 Seeing Actively

Matthew 11.16 No Comparison

Matthew 11.16 A Plague of Whippersnappers

Mark 11.1 Give a Wave and a Shout

Mark 11.1 Subtract Five

Mark 11.1 Turning Out

Luke 11.1 Teach Us How to Pray

Luke 11.1 Too Much Great Too Little Good

John 11.1 Unfolding Grace

John 11.1 Don't Despair, Don't Give Up

John 11.32 What If Jesus Had Been There




Mark 12.28 With All Your Heart

Mark 12.38 Emptied Hands

Mark 12.38 What If We Could Trust Jesus More

Luke 12.13 The Kingdom of Thingdom

Luke 12.13 Too Much Barn, Too Little Heart

Luke 12.32 Wishful Thinking and Hope

Luke 12.32 Words from Jesus for Today - Get To

Luke 12.49 Sitting at a Stop Sign

Luke 12.49 Words from Jesus for Today Casting Fire

John 12.1 Focus on the Gratitude

John 12.1 An Impractical Joy

John 12.20 Given an Hour

John 12.20 Subtract Four

John 12.20 Troubled Testimony


Matthew 13.1 Scattered Grace

Matthew 13.1 Kingdom Beach Party Part 1

Matthew 13.1 The Fool on the Beach

Matthew 13.24 Kingdom Beach Party Part 2

Matthew 13.24 Good News for Weeds

Matthew 13.31 Kingdom Beach Party Part 3

Matthew 13.31 Bringing Out Our Treasures

Matthew 13.31 What a Difference You Made

Mark 13.1 Birth Pangs

Mark 13.1 What If I Could Count On Jesus

Mark 13.24 Awake Thou That Sleepest

Mark 13.24 Christ is Coming

Mark 13.24 The Next Eclipse

Luke 13.1 Focus on the Process

Luke 13.1 Down and Out

Luke 13.10 Touch Us, Heal Us, Set Us Free

Luke 13.10 Words from Jesus for Today - Necessary Good

Luke 13.31 Focus on the Goal

Luke 13.31 Inconvenient Christianity

John 13.1 Given an Example

John 13.1 Focus on the Love

John 13.1 The Hour Has Come

John 13.1 Subtract Six

John 13.31 Listen to the Command

John 13.31 Everything Old Is New Again


Matthew 14.13 He Had Compassion

Matthew 14.13 A Counting Problem

Matthew 14.13 When You Don't Have Enough

Matthew 14.22 Explain, Exploit, or Evangel

Matthew 14.22 In and Out the Boat

Matthew 14.22 Save Me!


Luke 14.1 Words from Jesus for Today - Real Blessings

Luke 14.7 Dinner with Jesus

Luke 14.25 What Can Separate Us

Luke 14.25 Count On It

John 14.1 In My Name

John 14.1 Go! Places

John 14.5 UnOrphaned

John 14.8 Listen to the Promise

John 14.8 Mirror Mirror

John 14.15 Go! Presence

John 14.23 Listen to Everything

John 14.23 Whoever


Matthew 15.10 The Opposite of Faith

Matthew 15.21 Living on Crumbs

Matthew 15.21 The Light in the Darkness


Luke 15.1 Lost without your Love

Luke 15.1 Lost and Found

Luke 15.1 Celebrate with Me

Luke 15.11 Focus on the Other

John 15.1 Plural, All of Us, Together

John 15.1 Jesus the True Vine

John 15.9 First Last Always

John 15.9 Jesus the Great Lover

John 15.26 The Spirit of Truth Comes

John 15.26 Jesus the Constant Companion


Matthew 16.13 Don't Tell Anyone

Matthew 16.13 Confession

Matthew 16.13 The Ballad of Rocky Johnson

Matthew 16.21 Chewing on an Apple

Matthew 16.21 Forbid or Deny

Matthew 16.21 And Then

Mark 16.1 Solve the Problem

Luke 16.1 Dishonest Justice

Luke 16.1 Commended

Luke 16.19 Selective Deafness

Luke 16.19 Crevasses and Crumbs

John 16.12 Listen to the Repeat

John 16.12 Can You Handle The Truth



Matthew 17.1 The Right Time to Share a Vision

Matthew 17.1 Don't Fear, Don't Tell


Luke 17.5 600 Years

Luke 17.5 Show Me Faith

Luke 17.11 There They Are

Luke 17.11 For Joy

Luke 17.11 Show Us Mercy

John 17.1 Go! Pray

John 17.20 Listen to the Heart


Matthew 18.15 The Evidence of Witnesses

Matthew 18.15 Gentiles and Tax Collectors

Matthew 18.15 When the Offender Refuses

Matthew 18.21 Lamech's Curse

Matthew 18.21 Greatly Offended

Matthew 18.21 Prisons and Mercy


Luke 18.1 Show Us Justice

Luke 18.9 Getting It Right

Luke 18.9 Show Us Righteousness

John 18.1 Given More Than One Chance

John 18.33 From the Hands of Jesus

John 18.33 What if Jesus Really Is The King





Luke 19.1 Strange Fruit

Luke 19.1 Show Us Hospitality

Luke 19. 28 Focus on the Stones

Luke 19.28 Silent No More



Matthew 20.1 The Fairness of God

Matthew 20.1 Heavenly Union Wage Scale

Matthew 20.1 The Hiring Window is Open


Luke 20.27 Asked and Answered

Luke 20.27 As It Will Be - Life Above

John 20.1 Given Good News

John 20.1 Focus on the Tears

John 20.1 While It Was Still Dark

John 20.1 Do Check It Out

John 20.1 I Have Seen the Lord While Weeping

John 20.19 Like a Little Child

John 20.19 Listen to the Blessing

John 20.19 Life in Jesus Name

John 20.19 Believing Witnesses

John 20.19 A Faith of Scars

John 20.19 Do Believe

John 20.19 I Have Seen the Lord While Afraid


Matthew 21.1 A City in Turmoil

Matthew 21.1 Don't Stand Around, Don't Be Quiet

Matthew 21.23 Honor and Shame, Part 2

Matthew 21.23 When Words Mean Nothing

Matthew 21.23 By This Authority

Matthew 21.33 Four Signs

Matthew 21.33 An Arresting Parable

Matthew 21.33 Tenant Uprisings


Luke 21.5 By Your Endurance

Luke 21.5 As It Will Be - Life Here

Luke 21.25 Faint from Fear

Luke 21.25 Change is in the Air

John 21.1 Listen to the Sheep

John 21.1 Three Times Deep


Matthew 22.1 Holy Responses

Matthew 22.1 Paying No Attention

Matthew 22.1 Filled with Guests

Matthew 22.15 And the Survey Says

Matthew 22.15 Gotcha Theology

Matthew 22.15 Test for the Next 200 Years

Matthew 22.34 God is No Excuse

Matthew 22.34 Faith on One Foot

Matthew 22.34 From Either/Or to Both/And





Matthew 23.1 Right Relationships

Matthew 23.1 Long Enough Tassels

Matthew 23.1 True Greatness


Luke 23.33 This is the King of the Jews

Luke 23.33 As It Will Be - Life Below




Matthew 24.36 The Fear of Being Taken Away

Matthew 24.36 Waiting Actively


Luke 24.1 No Idle Tale

Luke 24.13 Stay with Us

Luke 24.13 Do Share

Luke 24.36 Witnesses

Luke 24.36 Startled Witnesses

Luke 24.36 I Have Seen the Lord While Disbelieving

Luke 24.44 As Far as Bethany

Luke 24.44 Repentance and Forgiveness Proclaimed



Matthew 25.1 Walk in the Light

Matthew 25.1 An Oily Faith

Matthew 25.1 Planning for the Dark Time

Matthew 25.14 Going Through the Motions

Matthew 25.14 Faith with Interest

Matthew 25.14 With Interest

Matthew 25.31 Good Enough For Now

Matthew 25.31 Separating the Nations

Matthew 25.31 Come You Who Are Blessed


















Matthew 28.16 When You Have All Authority