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January 28


Gathering Music “Tell ‘Em Again” Dale Hopkins Espey


Scripture Mark 1:21-28

21They went to Capernaum; and when the sabbath came, he entered the synagogue and taught. 22They were astounded at his teaching, for he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. 23Just then there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit, 24and he cried out, “What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are, the Holy One of God.” 25But Jesus rebuked him, saying, “Be silent, and come out of him!” 26And the unclean spirit, convulsing him and crying with a loud voice, came out of him. 27They were all amazed, and they kept on asking one another, “What is this? A new teaching—with authority! He commands even the unclean spirits, and they obey him.” 28At once his fame began to spread throughout the surrounding region of Galilee.


Sermon “Outside Identity”


Thinking about the Text

Jesus came speaking plainly and in ways that the people could understand.  And while we are not told exactly what Jesus was teaching in our reading for today, it is clear that the people were amazed and that the demons were upset.


That was often the case when Jesus taught.  People who argued that they were doing all that they were required to do by the laws of Moses were taught by Jesus that love requires more.  People who argued that they had followed the letter of the law were admonished by Jesus to follow the heart of the law.  People who argued that they had done nothing wrong were reminded by Jesus that we are all sinners in continual need of redemption.


Jesus pointed out that just because you could argue that something was legal didn’t make that something moral.  Jesus pointed out that just because you could argue a point to justify an action didn’t make that action holy.  Jesus pointed out that just because you could justify yourself didn’t mean you were justified before God or with your neighbor.


The carefully crafted world of privilege gained through a certain mastery of the law was being destroyed by the plain and authoritative preaching and teaching of Jesus.  That is what the demon recognized, and that is why the demon cried out.  And that is why the demon had to be cast out by the authority of Jesus. – Nick Campbell, “Explaining to an 8-Year Old”



UMH 388             “O Come and Dwell in Me”

O come and dwell in me,
Spirit of power within,
and bring the glorious liberty
from sorrow, fear, and sin.

Hasten the joyful day
which shall my sins consume,
when old things shall be done away,
and all things new become.

I want the witness, Lord,
that all I do is right,
according to thy mind and word,
well-pleasing in thy sight.

I ask no higher state;
indulge me but in this,
and soon or later then translate
to thine eternal bliss.


UMH 367             “He Touched Me”

Shackled by a heavy burden,
'Neath a load of guilt and shame.
Then the hand of Jesus touched me,
And now I am no longer the same.



He touched me, Oh He touched me,
And oh the joy that floods my soul!
Something happened and now I know,
He touched me and made me whole.


Since I met this blessed Savior,
Since He cleansed and made me whole,
I will never cease to praise Him,
I'll shout it while eternity rolls. (refrain)


UMH 365             “Grace Greater Than Our Sin”

Marvelous grace of our loving Lord,
grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt!
Yonder on Calvary's mount outpoured,
there where the blood of the Lamb was spilt.

Grace, grace, God's grace,
grace that will pardon and cleanse within;
grace, grace, God's grace,
grace that is greater than all our sin!

Sin and despair, like the sea waves cold,
threaten the soul with infinite loss;
grace that is greater, yes, grace untold,
points to the refuge, the mighty cross. (Refrain)

Dark is the stain that we cannot hide.
What can avail to wash it away?
Look! There is flowing a crimson tide,
brighter than snow you may be today. (Refrain)

Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace,
freely bestowed on all who believe!
You that are longing to see his face,
will you this moment his grace receive? (Refrain)


UMH 370             “Victory in Jesus”

I heard an old, old story,
How a Savior came from glory,
How He gave His life on Calvary
To save a wretch like me;
I heard about His groaning,
Of His precious blood's atoning,
Then I repented of my sins
And won the victory.

O victory in Jesus,
My Savior, forever.
He sought me and bought me
With His redeeming blood;
He loved me ere I knew Him
And all my love is due Him,
He plunged me to victory,
Beneath the cleansing flood.

I heard about His healing,
Of His cleansing pow'r revealing.
How He made the lame to walk again
And caused the blind to see;
And then I cried, "Dear Jesus,
Come and heal my broken spirit,"
And somehow Jesus came and brought
To me the victory.  (refrain)

I heard about a mansion
He has built for me in glory.
And I heard about the streets of gold
Beyond the crystal sea;
About the angels singing,
And the old redemption story,
And some sweet day I'll sing up there
The song of victory. (refrain)

Anthem “Where Shall My Wandering Soul Begin”


“By These Signs” video “Afterschool Program”



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A note about receiving communion

All are welcome at the Lord’s Table!


There will be two stations for receiving the elements of communion.


The west and center sections of the sanctuary will come to the station in front of the choir loft by way of their common aisle, and then return by the west wall or center/east aisle (after going to the altar railing, if desired.)


The east section and east wing will come to the station below the organ by their common aisle, and then return by the center/east aisle or the north aisle of the east wing (after going to the altar railing, if desired.)


Those coming to the altar by wheelchair or walker will be asked to come first, before others have started to return by the center/east aisle.



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